Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Gets An Award Winning Mom for McGarrett

Hawaii Five-0 CBS

The best possible scenario when casting the mother of the lead character of a television series is to look for someone recognizable, preferably who has won an award of some kind. If all that is really true – and not just nonsense I made up – then Hawaii Five-0 has struck the jackpot by casting Emmy and Academy Award winner Christine Lahti as Steve McGarrett’s mother. If you can honestly tell me you don’t know who Lahti is, then you need to queue up a few seasons of Chicago Hope and see this wondrous actress at work. Seriously, go do it. You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee it. McGarrett is lucky to have a mom like her. Well, sort of.

According to TVLine, Lahti’s role as Doris McGarrett will be of the utmost importance in Season 3, and she’ll be making her debut in the premiere, which picks up the second where the Season 2 finale left off. Doris was revealed to be the secret identity of Shelburne, who caused a lot of trouble in Season 2, so I’m sure McGarrett was less than thrilled to learn his mother was behind the name. Peter Lenkov, showrunner of Hawaii Five-0, explained that Doris wouldn’t be all that different from her son, which comes as no surprise to me.

Hawaii Five-0 has built a strong following, and manages to reward its fans with an intense and exciting storyline that has managed to exceed many viewers expectations of what a crime procedural can do. If the trend continues, Season 3 will be just as good and the show could end up lasting years, long past the point of living up to expectations. I’m extremely pessimistic when it comes to long lasting television, and with Five-0’s ratings I can easily see it going for another seven or so seasons, much like CSI and NCIS. Those shows often outlive their usefulness, but that’s just how television works.

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