Revenge ABC

ABC’s Revenge dropped a doozy of a twist on its fans in the Season 1 finale by revealing Emily Thorne’s mother to be very much alive. This raised several questions regarding the missing mom, but the biggest was who would be playing her in Season 2. I’m sure everyone had someone specific in mind, but to those of you who were picturing Jennifer Jason Leigh in the role, guess what! You nailed it. Leigh has been tapped to play Emily’s now alive mom. What do you all think of that? Is she anything like who you had hoped would get the part?

She may not be dead, but Emily’s mother is still a very mysterious figure. Bringing someone back to life in this way raises myriad of questions. Just what has she been up to while everyone presumed her to be dead? Why did she feel the need to fake her death? Was she pressured into doing it, or was it more personal? Revenge creator Mike Kelley spoke of there being “deep psychological issues” with Emily’s mom, leading me to believe she may have abandoned her child of her own volition. Her motivations will definitely be at the top of everyone’s Must Answer list.

But because this is Emily’s mother we can’t rule out similar problems with Emily popping up. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree they say. Whatever damage is a part of Emily’s mother’s life could be something we start to see in Emily. Like mother, like daughter. It should be fun to watch Emily be angry with her mother for leaving only for her to begin to notice frightening similarities between the two of them. Nothing is more terrifying than realizing you’re turning into one – or God forbid both – of your parents.