The Bold and the Beautiful CBS

For some, it will be hard to imagine what The Bold and the Beautiful would be like without Ronn Moss. He is one of four of the original cast of the daytime soap that are still working on the show, having all been playing their characters for 25 years. Thankfully, nobody will have to imagine B&B without Moss because he’s straight up leaving. After playing Ridge Forrester since 1987, Moss is officially hanging up the towel and making his big exit. Just what kind of effect this will have on B&B is not known at this time – will Forrester disappear with some type of a reason or will he be killed off in a glorious fashion?

Moss’ retirement from B&B was announced by, claiming he left the job he’s had for a quarter of a century due to salary issues. I’m sorry, but I find that kind of petty. I would assume if you were going to work the same job for 25 years that you’re doing it for more than just the money. There’s no way I would work a job that long and not enjoy it, no matter what I’m being paid. If you’re going to walk off the second you don’t think you’re making what you deserve why were you there at all? Doesn’t Moss feel any sense of loyalty to the show? Maybe he does and I’m just projecting my own feelings onto him, but it still seems strange to me.

Moss will be shooting his final scenes for B&B today, August 14, and his last episode is set to air in September. Even though he’s leaving and is 60 years old, I wouldn’t say this is the last we’ll see of Moss on B&B. It is a soap opera after all and people have a habit of coming back from the dead, so don’t count Moss out completely, not yet at least.