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FALLING SKIES Opens Up Big Possibilities for Season 3

Falling Skies TNT

The Berserkers are the 2nd Mass’s suicide team – the small force sent in to accomplish the craziest of tasks. It’s a place for the toughest and loosest cannons to stretch their legs and do what their good at: killing aliens. Chances are, they’ll be the ones to disagree with a direct order if it gets in the way of what they think is the right call. In a nutshell, the Berserkers are wild cards. What “A More Perfect Union” does is demonstrate how, compared to the rest of the human population, the entirety of the 2nd Mass are Berserkers; the wild cards. After military rule is declared, General Bressler moves to lock up Tom and his men and attack the rebel skitters, refusing to believe them to actually be on their side. This inspires the 2nd Mass to make a last ditch effort to take out the alien overlord. It’s a great feeling to make the 2nd Mass that suicide mission team, and seeing them all return from their mission having lost only a single life was a great moment for Falling Skies.

But as a finale, I can’t be so sure this was a strong way to end the second season. Granted, the battle with the aliens was exciting and well put together – those skitters jumping off the walls was thrilling – and the cliffhanger ending definitely raised some good questions. Yet there’s something infinitely frustrating about two key parts of this episode. Bressler’s immediate distrust of the rebel skitters was unwarranted and unnecessary. Was he not, at the top of the episode, fully prepared to allow Tom to have his meeting with the skitters. But as soon as the meeting takes place suddenly he’s flipped his opinion. He becomes this bad guy out of nowhere and it just feels so forced. But it’s no where near as forced as Ann’s sudden pregnancy. And of course it’s handled in the most typical way possible, with her unceremoniously throwing up and Lourdes immediately clueing in to what that means. At least with Bressler’s attitude, it fuels the 2nd Mass’s march against the aliens and ultimate victory, but what does Ann’s pregnancy add to the story? Nothing. Karen threatens Ann and Tom almost tells the aliens all his information, but the rebels show up to kick ass before he can even say anything.

But there is that ending. Hal has been seemingly taken over by the aliens – evidenced by the creepy crawly thing sliding out of his eye and into his ear. This opens up a ton of possibilities in Season 3, And that’s not even taking into account the arrival of some new alien race that at first glimpse gives the impression of being a hell of a lot nicer than the skinny, silver guys. It’s the eyes; they have a gentleness to them. But the alien is also decked out in some pretty fierce armor, so you know he’s a fighter. Could this new species be an enemy to the silvers? Season 2 was a remarkable step up from Season 1, and I would very much like to see that progression continue into Season 3. Falling Skies has room for improvement, but thankfully it has shown to be able to acknowledge where it falls short and make adjustments. Unfortunately, because this type of show is filmed in its entirety before it airs, those fixes won’t be seen until next year.

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  1. Brad

    August 20, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. The writing was a bit funky in the last episode but I felt like they really stepped their game up. I am back in after a season and a half I almost dropped out.
    I don’t like Hal being the carrier of the silver though. Hasn’t that family endured enough? I mean sure every character has had challenges but only the little guy is untouched and he’s seen some nasty stuff.

    Either way S2 was so much better than S1 and if the progression continues we have a real winner on our hands. The actors are up for it – a GREAT cast. It’s up to the writers.

  2. dregj

    August 21, 2012 at 10:14 am

    most of season 2 was boring and depressing
    in the first season they at least fought the enemy before running away now its just run run run
    and what the hell hapend to the mech bullets they invented last season?just reconned out of existance
    typical this season has been a major dispointing downer
    the end ep barely makes up for it
    not sure ill return to see who the bat face aliens are

    All hail batface

  3. FallingRatings

    August 21, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    Seems like an interesting concept to have the fish head’s conciousness inside the robotic bug but when the 2nd mass were tied up they were told they are like mosquitoes to the fish head and were going to die, so if fish head and his soldiers were expecting to kill the 2nd mass, why would they bother with inserting the bug into Hal at all, maybe it was put there by someone else, the rebels?

    I hope the new aliens are friend and not foe, seems obvious the super weapon was intended for them, so they must be the fish head’s enemies. But will they care much about the humans, guess we’ll have to wait a year to find out.

  4. Guy

    August 21, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    I don’t think the alien at the end is a new race. It is a skitter before getting the harness on and it looks like they’re going to actually defeat the aliens. From what I saw, they’re pretty decked out.

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