Netflix and DirecTV Want The Killing For Season 3

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It would appear The Killing is not a show that can be killed so easily. Despite low ratings and fan outcry at the shows obnoxiously defiant use of red herrings, there are options open to The Killing that could keep it alive for a third season. But really, does anyone want this show to continue? I know there will be a few very vocal fans out there who will defend this show until they die, but I think I’m safe in saying the majority of us were very disappointed in the type of show it turned out to be. So it really comes as a surprise anyone would be interested in reviving it for a little while longer.

And who would be so crazy as to think bringing back The Killing is a good idea? Why, that would be Netflix and DirecTV, both of whom have a bit of a fetish for resurrecting dead and dying television shows. DirecTV has a little more experience in the matter – it has successfully resurrected Friday Night Lights and Damages – but Netflix raised Arrested Development from the dead years after Fox canceled it, which is no small feat. However, Netflix tried but failed to grab hold of the sinking ships of The River and Terra Nova. It might be that less than favorable track record that has silenced Netflix regarding The Killing, who TVLine says declined to comment on their involvement

DirecTV, on the other hand, admitted to being interested in any new show they could bring to Audience Network, saying they look at everything, but have made no decisions regarding new programming. Hopefully, negotiations with Fox TV Studios break down. I’m in no rush to see The Killing back on the air. This trend of bringing any minor hit – yes, at one point The Killing was a big hit for AMC – back from cancellation is disturbing. Sometimes what’s dead should stay dead.

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