Big Bang Theory: Margo Harshman Is Sheldon’s New Assistant and Penny’s Rival

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Somebody will be getting a new love interest in the sixth season of The Big Bang Theory, and I have to say I’m mildly jealous of the who gets to hit it off with this lady. If you happened to catch NBC’s extremely short-lived Bent, you might recognize Margo Harshman – if you haven’t seen that show, she has done work on House and Modern Family. Harshman will be making her way on to Big bang Theroy as Sheldon’s new assistant. But fear not fans of Amy Farrah Fowler; Sheldon is not the guy destined to flirt – and possibly have some sexy times – with this new girl.

While at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, showrunner Bill Prady spoke with TVLine, confirming Harshman’s role as Alex, who will be giving Penny a run for her money. Alex almost immediately hits it off with Leonard, and of course he’s not about to just turn down an attractive girl! Don’t get me wrong, Penny is a smoking hotty and a decent person, but their entire relationship is so stressful to watch. Either be together or don’t, but don’t drag things through the mud! Their on-and-off relationship makes things so complicated at times and I find it unnecessary. However, comedy without conflict rarely works, so I’m sure exploiting the inevitable tension Alex will cause between Leonard and Penny will make plenty of jokes.

Season 6 is set to premiere next Thursday, Sept. 27 and I’m quite certain it will be the usual sensation Big Bang Theory is. I’m often amazed at how well Big Bang Theory still does, but the sixth season is usually the point when a series starts to show its wear and tear. It will be interesting to see if it still delivers a consistent quality as its age begins to show. This might be the season the show proves it can last forever, or that it is no different than any other and will eventually lose viewers like every show inevitably does.

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