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It’s a crime procedural casting roundup today! News of guest stars coming to CBS’s top crime series is pouring in, revealing who we can look forward to seeing on CSI, Criminal Minds and Person of Interest. The first on the list is Michael Gross, heading to CSI to portray the president of the University D.B. Russell’s son is attending. We head to the school when Russell’s son joins a basketball team, only for his coach to be murdered. Ted Danson says the boy “gets involved in a triangle of sorts without even knowing it.” I’m not sure what he means by “triangle.” A love triangle springs to mind, but the context doesn’t seem to fit.

Showing up in Criminal Minds is Designing Women’s Meshach Taylor as a homeless Vietnam veteran who ends up helping the team put a face to a killer. According to TV Guide, Taylor is an old friend of star Joe Mantegna, who pitched the idea for the episode Taylor appears in. Airing in the November, the episode will explore Mantagna’s David Rossi’s past in the military. We discover the homeless vet and Rossi were platoon buddies who lost touch with each other over the years. Clearly the time in between was not kind to Taylor’s character. Also of note: Thomas Gibson will be directing episode 15, which will see J.J. in peril while undercover.

Over on Person of Interest, Julian Sands will join the show as a villain named Alistair – a villainous name if ever there was one. He’s a diabolical international adversary giving Reese a hard time. So far he’s only signed up for one episode, but the producers will bring him back for more if they are able. Returning to the series’ second season is Carrie Preston, who played Finch’s former fiancée, Grace. Fun fact if you didn’t know: Preston is Michael Emerson’s real-life wife. She’ll return in an episode that explores the romantic pasts of all the characters.