tricia helfer

Dan Harmon may be long gone from Community, but he lives on in the many concepts and ideas he’s engrained in Community throughout his years on the show, and those ideas will continue to shine through under the new leadership of David Guarascio and Moses Port. One of Harmon’s more recent entries into the mythos of Community, the show-within-the-show Inspector Spacetime, the Doctor Who inspired series Abed fell in love with in Season 3, will continue to be given life as its fanbase is expanded beyond Abed and Troy. In fact, in Season 4 Abed will meet a lady fan, and you couldn’t have asked for a more appropriately attractive actress to play the part.

According to TVLine, Battlestar Galactica alumna Tricia Helfer will be dropping in to play Lauren, the totally hot and totally nerdy fan of Inspector Spacetime. It’ll be interesting to see Abed interact with a woman who knows as much about Inspector Spacetime as he does. Will it be similar to the situation Abed found himself in during the events of “Mixology Certification” when he ignored the fact he was being hit on by a gay man because he just really loved talking about Farscape? Abed might be more inclined to in the act of flirting if it’s with a women, as evidenced by the interest he showed in the equally emotionless Special Agent Vohlers in “Intro to Political Science.”

In the fourth episode of the new season, we’ll meet another Inspector Spacetime fan, this time a guy, played by the delightful Matt Lucas. He appears when Abed is attending a convention for the fictional series. No word was released detailing which episode Helfer would be appearing in, so it’s possible she is also appearing in this episode. It certainly seems unlikely Abed would meet two Inspector Spacetime super fans in two separate episodes. Then again, stranger things have happened on Community.