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Nolan is a fairly mysterious guy, which isn’t saying much for a character on Revenge, but he is easily one of the more intriguing mysteries. You can never quite pin him down, and it doesn’t help that at the best of times you can’t even tell if he’s into guys or girls – aspects of him just seem to shift and transform as he needs them to. Thankfully, a little smidgen of Nolan’s past will come to light when someone comes back into his life. E.J. Bonilla is the lucky guy to be cast in the part, but unfortunately, for now, we’re still going to have to wade through a little more mystery before we learn something concrete about Nolan and this unnamed man.

As reported by TVLine, Bonilla joins the cast in the potentially recurring role of Nolan’s old… something. We really have no idea who Bonilla will be playing, but given his flip-flopping from relationships with men and women, he could easily be portraying a former boyfriend of Nolan’s. Taking into account Nolan’s current flirtations with fellow colleague Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria), Bonilla’s appearance as an old flame could stir up some tantalizing drama. I wouldn’t say no to a little jealousy. As overplayed as that can be, Revenge always finds a way to grip you with its soap opera-like storytelling.

Bonilla could also be someone Nolan once worked with, perhaps an old business partner of some kind. Ultimately, anything is possible given how easily you could slip someone into the past of character. You could just say he’s a childhood friend that once threw up all over Nolan’s first computer, thus solidifying their lifelong feud. Or he could be the a private detective Nolan once used to discover the secrets of his competition and is now to be used to help Emily with her plans for revenge. See what I mean? You could think of anything and it could probably work.

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