Alphas Finale: “God’s Eye” Leaves a Pile of Bodies Behind

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Alphas’ mission this season, from where I’m standing, has been to push itself to the very edge with the various storylines it has created. Anything that has come up has been taken as far as it could possibly go, pushing boundaries of story telling I would not have even expected from a Syfy series. We’ve been to dark places – the death of Dani in particular stands out and has played the biggest role in how the season ends – and we’ve seen these characters stoop to new lows and highs in their individual journeys. Rachel is in a healthy relationship; finally capable of telling a man she loves him. Rosen won’t give in to death until his daughter has been avenged. Gary has not only learned to take care of himself, but now has to take care of his mother, completely turning the tables on their relationship. All of these culminations are seen in the finale, “God’s Eye,” giving a sense of satisfaction for having watched them form and grow throughout the season. This finale was exactly what Alphas needed and was not at all what I expected it to be.

The biggest risk “God’s Eye” takes is by not sparing Rosen’s life. There’s no magic fix after getting shot in last week. Throughout his wanderings in the episode, he is still nursing that gunshot wound and never receives proper help for the bleeding hole in is stomach. He carries it until the very end when he at last is able to confront Stanton. His plan is a simple one: inject Stanton with blood thinners which will impede his ability to heal himself, thus allowing him to be killed if he his wounded severely enough. Bleeding out, gun and syringe in hand, Rosen faces Stanton, the man responsible for the death of his daughter – who, by the way, has been following Rosen around as a near-death hallucination – and has the means to put a stop to his nefarious schemes of mass murder. And he can’t go through with it. Because that’s not what Dani would have wanted. Even as imaginary Dani is shouting at Rosen to kill Stanton, Rosen is still lucid enough to realize the real Dani wanted to find a better way to fix things. Imaginary Dani is just the manifestation of Rosen’s rage and thirst for revenge, not the daughter he loved.

So Stanton is allowed to live, but can his photostim devices be stopped? Since they’re all hooked up to the countries electrical grids, all it takes is to shut them all down. There’s only one problem: Manhattan’s electrical grids cannot be turned off. There’s a bit of hope that Skyler will be able to rig something together to force the grid to shut down, but Stanton is one step ahead of everyone and has the island hooked up to an old back up generator that is too old for Skyler to do much with. While the rest of the country is spared the photostims, Manhattan gets the full taste of Stanton’s plan. Everybody drops to the ground, except Gary. I’m not sure why Gary was the only one who wasn’t affected by the photosim – it might have to do with his autism – but the final scene of him wandering amongst the either dead/unconscious people fit him better than anyone else, I think. His general innocence made the devastating nature of what just happened that much more tragic.

At this point, we don’t know who’s dead and who isn’t. There was some worry that because Rachel was already exposed to the photostim before, it might cause lethal damage to her. And then there’s the whole original purpose of the devices: to kill all non-Alphas. Does this mean Rosen is dead now? What will happen to Stanton if his ability has been magnified? It’s a big cliffhanger to leave things on. We really have no idea what’s going to happen if we get a third season. Alphas could back down from the situation and reveal everyone’s A-okay and nobody died or it could stick to its gun and kill off a couple of characters and make Stanton an even more dangerous villain than he was before. With the way things went this season, that second scenario is the more likely option. And that’s a very, very good thing. A show that doesn’t follow through when it presents its audience with such extreme stakes is a show not worth watching.

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