30 Rock

Tina Fey’s hit comedy series may be counting down until the end, but don’t you count 30 Rock as down and out just yet. There is still some fight in the wonderfully funny and critically acclaimed NBC charmer. In fact, a femme fatale has just been announced as joining the swan song season. Say hello to Rebecca Mader.

Has it been six and a half seasons already? I guess it really is true that time flies when you’re having fun. And fun is the best word to describe the Peabody Award winning series.

Does English star, Rebecca Mader like to have fun? She may have no choice while visiting this set! The actress is best known as Charlotte Lewis from Lost, but she has also appeared on No Ordinary Family, Alphas, Fringe, and White Collar.

TV Line shared that Mader would be playing a “temptress”. The role won’t be a stretch for the blue-eyed beauty.

The final episode of 30 Rock will be an hour long special. Don’t say that Hollywood can’t be kind. For season seven to be possible, star Alec Baldwin reportedly offered the NBC network to cut his pay by 20% in order to fund the show one more time. Now you don’t hear stories like that everyday!

Season seven kicked off this October. This week, episode six aired, titled, “Aunt Phatso vs. Jack Donaghy.” In Jack actually showed disapproval of Tracy’s latest movie. I remember when Jack thought Tracy could do no wrong.

You do not want to miss episode seven, scheduled for November 29! “Mazal Tov, Dummies!” is the one where Liz gets married! That’s right, Lemon will wed Criss Chros, acted by James Marsden, and yes, he started out as a humble hot dog vendor. We all know how much Liz loves her hot dogs! That’s not even a euphemism for something else!