American Horror Story

Here’s the question of the day. When you say an angel is making an appearance on a popular horror series, can we take that literally, or will no heavenly beings actually be involved in the filming of American Horror Story: Asylum?

The hot scoop of the week regarding your favorite scary show is that a familiar face is returning to the set. As you see in the wonderful photo up above, which we nabbed from TV Line, actress Frances Conroy is back!

We last saw Conroy in season one of American Horror Story. She played the older incarnation of Moira O’Hara, the maid, you know, when she was living. So what will the great lady portray in season two?

Series executive producer Ryan Murphy called Conroy’s character “the ultimate angel”. Dressed in black, with a pained expression etched beneath her red lipstick, doesn’t Conroy look a bit like the angel of death? That entity might be the last thing you think of when an ultimate angel is referred to, but controversially and in the right circumstances, or perhaps the WRONG ones, wouldn’t death be perceived as a mercy?

Is Conroy still playing a ghost? Is she an actual angel? What are her intentions?

Well, the logline for Conroy’s episode calls her a “dark angel” and suggests that Sister Mary Eunice is “petrified” of her. Dun dun dun!

If you want more details, you’re just going to have to wait! The episode, titled “Dark Cousin”, airs this Wednesday. It is directed by Michael Rymer and written by Tim Minear.

Last week on the Wednesday night FX network thriller, episode six of the second season, titled “The Origins of Monstrosity”, aired. It was directed by David Semel, but written by the one and only Ryan Murphy. During the episode Monsignor Howard, acted by Joseph Fiennes, and Sister Mary Eunice, as played by Lily Rabe sort of inadvertently get into league with one another. That’s one nasty union, too. We also got some backstory on Zachary Quinto’s wicked Dr. Thredson.