My, my, my, another DC Comics character has just been cast for Arrow. This won’t be the last time I report on such a story and that’s very good news for comic book fans.

The beauty of adapting a comic book, especially material that’s been around since the 70’s, is that you can constantly consult the source for inspiration. Arrow is welcoming DC characters like Deadshot, Firefly and a riff off of the villain Vertigo. In fact, as I reported yesterday, this take on Vertigo is shaping up to be Arrow‘s Lex Luthor, at least during season one.

So, who is the latest addition? Are you familiar with the name Ted Gaynor? If not, don’t panic. Even a geek like me said “Wha?” initially. Well, our friends over at IGN offered some clarity.

When episode 11 of the CW series hits, we will meet Ted Gaynor. Gaynor was Diggle’s commanding officer when he did his first tour in Afghanistan. Diggle is Oliver Queen’s bodyguard, played by David Ramsey. In episode 3 of the series, the villain, Deadshot tangos with Arrow, and Diggle is shot in the process. Arrow then reveals to Diggle that he is Oliver Queen, or vice versa. Diggle ends up agreeing to be somewhat of a sidekick to Arrow.

Well Diggle is loyal to Gaynor, obviously. Gaynor also works as a bodyguard, as a member of the Blackhawk Squad Protection Group in Starling City. The Blackhawk squad has appeared in DC Comics, though in a different sort of fashion.

So, when a series of armored truck robberies occur, and Gaynor is involved, Diggle will trust him, but Oliver will want him in his cross hairs. This is going to put a major weight on the working friendship between Diggle and Ollie.

Ted Gaynor will be acted by Ben Browder of Farscape fame. He also appeared on Stargate SG-1.

Here comes the geek stuff! Ted Gaynor’s first appearance in print was in Blackhawk #266 in 1984. He also appeared in Batman Confidential.

This all goes down in episode 11, titled “Trust But Verify”, set to air early next year, but on Wednesday in an episode titled “Damaged”, we’ll meet Deathstroke!