This just in, Oliver Queen will suffer from a bad case of Vertigo and he won’t be alone. Starling City will tremble in the wake of Arrow‘s new big bad.

The gritty, new, comic book-inspired series on the CW has been steadily stealing our attention. Whether star, Stephen Amell is vaulting over obstacles like a man, half cheetah, half Olympian, or we’re reading buzz-worthy articles about the introduction of The Huntress to the show, this series seems to be on the right track.

But no true hero can conduct himself with an arch nemesis. During season one, TV Line suggests, that particular holy terror will modeled after the DC Comics character, Vertigo. He won’t be your grandma’s super villain either.

Because the series struggles to keep their material up to date and grounded in reality, this version of Vertigo will under go some heavy preening. They may even change his name. It hasn’t been quite decided yet, but that’s okay, because the big bad won’t officially show his face until an upcoming 2013 episode.

Like Vertigo’s name suggests, he has the ability to disorient and unbalance his victims. That part isn’t going to change, but get this, that doesn’t mean Vertigo will be more mild than the comic book version.

A source explained, “He will be truly scary and nightmarish… Oliver’s deadliest adversary to date.”

Originally a Count in the DC universe, Vertigo hailed from Vlatava and could cause loads of confusion. He was often depicted wearing a long cape. Putting on my geek cap, I can tell you he first appeared in World’s Finest Vol.1, 251. This book featured Green Arrow (and his dashing mustache), along with Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and Black Canary.

Now if it was my job to cast Vertigo, I’d choose an older man. I’m thinking Human Target‘s Mark Valley (It doesn’t hurt that he’s dreamy), or former Game of Thrones star, Sean Bean. Oh my, and some enterprising fan out there suggested actor Paul Bettany. I like that!