Arrow CW

If I were Janina Gavankar, I would be over the moon at finding a gig that doesn’t involve me walking around buck ass nude as she is usually found doing on True Blood. I mean, I’m glad she does it, but that can’t be very rewarding for an actress. If it were me, I’d breath a sigh of relief to be cast in the CW’s Arrow, a show where you might be sexualized, but at least you’re wearing clothes. Did I mention Gavankar was cast on Arrow? She totally was and she’s about to find herself with armfuls of plot to deal with. This won’t be a naked walk in the park.

Arrow gladly accepts Gavankar’s fully covered form as McKenna Hall, according to TVLine. McKenna shares a history with Oliver from long before he disappeared and started fighting crime. What’s interesting for the character is now that they’ve come across each others’ paths again, McKenna is a vice cop. She might have been the entire time, I’m not sure, but it seems cooler in my head to imagine them as both winding up fighting crime in their own ways. She’ll turn up just as a new drug called Vertigo is spreading through out Starling City. This means she’ll be introduced at the same time as Seth Gabel’s villain, who is not the comic book baddie Vertigo exactly, but definitely shares similar traits with him.

Gavankar’s role will be recurring and then likely end up dead – just calling it right now, folks – otherwise where’s the tragedy? The way I see it is Oliver and McKenna reconnect and they try to take down Gabel’s character, but Gabel murders or has someone else murder McKenna, thus giving Oliver the drive he needs to really nail this douche. And then Gavankar can go back to True Blood and take her clothes off some more. The world will cheer and little bit of her soul will die.