Who doesn’t like a good pirate adventure? Starz is a fan. The network has ordered episodes of Black Sails, to be delivered by Jon Steinberg and Michael Bay. Today we learned two new actors have been cast. They are Zach McGowan and Luke Arnold.

Black Sails bypassed those uncertain waters where a series is just a pilot and no one knows if it will be picked up or not. Starz immediately asked for eight episodes.

The show is set 20 years before the events depicted in Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel, Treasure Island, explained Deadline. The show’s lead character is Flint, a savvy pirate. He and his new shipmate John Silver are trying to survive adventures on New Providence Island. And here’s fair warning. It may look like a paradise, but the isle hides other pirates, whores, thieves and more.

British actor Toby Stephens is Captain Flint. I remember him best for bringing to life Gustav Graves opposite James Bond in Die Another Day. Zach McGowan has won the role of Captain Charles Vane, Flint’s formidable adversary.

Australian actor Luke Arnold will be literary hero John Silver, the previously mentioned sidekick of Flint.

You may have seen McGowan on Showtime’s Shameless.

Jessica Parker Kennedy from the CW’s The Secret Circle will play Max, described as “a tortured young prostitute”. Hakeem Kae Kazim of Hotel Rwanda, Toby Schmitz from The Pacific and Clara Paget from The Fast And The Furious 6 will also appear.

Filming begins this year in Cape Town, South Africa, but the series won’t debut until 2014. Jericho and Human Target creator Jon Steinberg created this drama as well. Transformers director and executive producer Michael Bay has said he’s excited to branch out into to television for Black Sails.

Co-executive producers include Brad Fuller and Andrew Form who worked on A Nightmare on Elm Street and Touch‘s Robert Levine.