When it comes to CSI, a character’s personal life typically takes a backseat to whatever grotesque murder is being investigated. Because of this trend, we really can’t say we know too much about any given person’s home life. We know some things, but never as intimately as we would if they were on a show like Grey’s Anatomy, where personal lives often overshadow everything. CSI is going to draw attention to how little we know these characters by revealing that not only is David Hodges in a relationship, he’s actually engaged. And his fiancée is smoking hot supermodel, Catrinel Marlon. You won’t see it on screen, but everybody on the team will suffer from aneurisms and then immediately get better so they can ask “When the hell did this happen?”

TV Guide reported Marlon’s casting as the beautiful and mysterious Italian, Elisabetta. Hodges apparently met her while in Tuscany. Things will take a bad turn when it becomes clear to Elisabetta nobody had any clue she was a part of Hodges life. You have to chuckle at the irony of the situation: Hodges, a man well known for giving too much information, gets in trouble for not telling anybody about his girlfriend. Actually, he probably did mention her; he just failed to say he was dating her. “This girl I’m banging,” or something like that is likely how she was brought up. Not that would help his case at all. That actually might even be worse than not mentioning her at all.

Marlon will be appearing in the January episode, “Double Fault.” We’ll have to see how long their engagement lasts. She’s way too hot for him. Even if Elisabetta isn’t a supermodel within the context of CSI, she’s still way out of his league. Maybe she’ll realize she’s got what it takes to be a model and ditch him for a new life of photographers and subtle nudity.