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Dexter has been on a hot streak this season thanks to upheavals in Dexter and Deb’s relationship. Having at long last let Deb in on Dex’s little serial killer secret has given the once tired show a second wind. And the excitement is infecting other aspects of the series, most importantly the supporting characters that have felt like shadows of their former selves. Everyone feels reinvigorated. Add in the phenomenal guest stars this season has boasted, including Ray Stevenson and the impossibly attractive Yvonne Strahovski, and you have a real winner on your hands. Strahovski in particular adds a certain quality that has been thus far unseen on the show, and although her part has been small up to this point I’m looking forward to what the remainder of the season’s episodes have in store for her.

Taking a look at this clip from the upcoming episode, “Do the Wrong Thing,” we see that Dexter has started tailing Strahovski’s Hannah McKay, believing her to still be killing despite her rather normal lifestyle. If anyone would know a killer it would be Dexter, and he suspects her hard. Harry tries to reason that perhaps Hannah was just frightened while on the run with Wayne and never became enthralled with murder. Dexter believes differently. The way she looked at the souvenirs from her victims was nostalgic. And her husband died suspiciously, so obviously she must have killed him, right? That’s Dexter’s logic anyway, but even he admits he has no proof.

Strahovski is an amazing asset for any series. She’s instantly charming and desirable and plays Hannah in such a unique way. The way she talks to Dexter is almost flirty, as if she can sense Dexter’s lenience when it comes to killing. Maybe she, like he, can sense other killers. There’s definitely chemistry between them, so there’s plenty of room for Dexter to sucked into her charms, and vice versa. It feels like a game they’re playing. While I’m certain Hannah will be put on Dexter’s table if he can proof she’s still killing, I hope she’s given enough of a chance to make a truly memorable exit.

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