The dangers of alien snow will rock the Doctor’s Christmas in this year’s exciting Christmas Special. Are you ready to go to the video!? We have your first look at a Doctor Who Christmas for the year 2012.

The episode is titled, “The Snowmen” and is narrated by the Silurian, Madame Vastra, acted by Neve McIntosh. The snowmen in question are frozen baddies with razor sharp teeth; not exactly the type of gift little boys and girls are eager for. I’m sure the Doctor has a plan. The episode is set in the Victorian era.

Season 7 marked a lot of loss for the Eleventh Doctor. He is missing Amy and Rory and even though the holidays have come, he’ll have to learn to like his new companion quickly.

Matt Smith is the Doctor and his new companion is Jenna-Louise Coleman. This is the second time we’ve seen Coleman on the show, but she wasn’t playing the companion before and now she is.

This year’s holiday special was written by the one and only executive producer, Mr. Steve Moffat. Moffat commented that this year, the Doctor was the Scrooge because of the timing of this episode. Along with Madame Vastra, we also see her pal Jenny, played by Catrin Stewart. Guest stars Tom Ward and Richard E. Grant will also be on board as our villains. You hard core fans will know that Grant has played the Doctor in the past.

Doctor Who’s “The Snowmen” will premier Tuesday, December 25 at 9 p.m. ET on BBC America. Don’t forget that this Spring cybermen will feature in the upcoming episode written by Neil Gaiman. That episode will feature actors Warwick Davis, Tamzin Outhwaite and Jason Watkins.