Family Guy Tony Sirico

When it comes to Wise Guys, you don’t find many more authentic than Paulie Gualtieri of HBO’s The Sopranos. Paulie was acted by Tony Sirico who has now made an offer that Family Guy could not refuse.

Back in September Fox premiered Family Guy, season 11. Now that it is underway Deadline reports the addition of a new recurring role. It’s a little furry and might get a little hairy. That’s often what happens when the mob is involved.

Tony Sirico’s recurring role is that of Vinnie the Dog. Watch your six Brian! When the Griffins buy Vinnie froma local pet shop, suspicions arise that he may have ties to the criminal underworld. I hope Brian doesn’t push Vinnie’s buttons. He may wind up with a cement dog collar and a trip to the river.

Sirico is also gearing up to sing the show’s theme song for season twelve, alongside Family Guy creator and lead, Seth MacFarlane and the rest of the cast.

Family Guy doesn’t play around when it comes to fantastic guest slots. This season has welcomed the likes of Johnny Depp, J. J. Abrams, Dick Wolf, Jon Hamm, Ryan Reynolds, Twilight‘s Kellan Lutz, Elizabeth Banks, Sofía Vergara, Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson, and Christina Milian.

Sirico is enjoying voice acting these days. He has another animated character named Tony “Peanuts” Sirico on the Adult Swim animated pilot called Colonel Wallace. That one revolves around a goofy, Southern, fried-chicken magnate. The 15-minute animated pilot was put together by King of the Hill writer, Greg Cohen.

Other animated pilots lining up for Adult Swim include Rick & Morty, Coffin Dodgers, King Star King (a He-Man spoof), and Rolling with Dad from Seth-Grahame-Smith and Tim Burton.

Sirico will also star in Zarra’s Law and the Nickelodeon movie Nicky Deuce. Sirico has real life mob experience, but don’t tell him I told you. He had a small part in Goodfellas.