boy meets world topanga

Back when Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel where small, they starred in a little series called Boy Meets World. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. When we first announced plans for a reboot series called Girl Meets World, the news tickled me pink. I had no idea how much collective joy one proposed new show would inspire. There has been an incredible amount of positive buzz over this idea and now mom and dad have made it official. Our Cory and Topanga have officially signed on to act as the parents in the new show. As if there could be a reboot without them! No one wants to see a replacement Topanga!

According to TV Line the Girl Meets World pilot is a go over with the Disney channel, especially now that the two principal actors have agreed to return. The show will come from the perspective of their 13-year-old daughter. The character’s name is Riley, and there is now a huge, nationwide casting search under way to find TV’s newest little darling.

To prove how serendipitous this event has become, Topanga actress Danielle Fishel has reached out to fans via a Tumblr account. In her heartfelt message she explained that YOU the fans were the reason this project was happening at all. Fishel revealed that she was a part of many initial discussions which reunited her with her beloved former co-workers and they collectively decided, “Let’s only do it if we think we can create something as special as we did with BMW.” It is that spirit that continues to make the actress thrilled to get back to work. She also personally thanks her fans for all the Tweets and cheers for joy.

Fishel also promised “BMW meant enough to you that you don’t want to see its legacy tarnished. I can assure you, we don’t want that either.”

Also returning with the show is creator and executive producer Michael Jacobs.