quinn returns to glee dianna agron

If you are a Gleek you are surely missing Quinn. Things just aren’t the same without her. But what’s this? Actress Dianna Agron is returning home!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for homecomings and things will be no different on the set of Glee. Dianna Agron is bringing Quinn back, marking her first Season 4 appearance. We have photographic proof of the event. Check out Finn and Puck doing what they do best–yes, singing–with Quinn. Those are actors Cory Monteith and Mark Salling, of course.

The photo is attributed to Glee‘s Nov. 29 episode. In it, our characters are singing the a mix of ”Homeward Bound” and “Home”. Sounds like it’ll be a wonderful potpourri to me.

Though not pictured, TV Line explained that other McKinley alums, Mercedes, Mike and Santana would also perform. How about that? It’ll be just like old times.

If you thought that was great, don’t forget that Rachel and Kurt had a reunion also, but of course, they are in NYC.

The Nov. 29 episode is simply called “Thanksgiving,” but this week Glee delivers “Dynamic Duets”. Front and center will be a fiery love triangle. The participants are none other than Marley acted by Melissa Benoist, Jake acted by Jacob Artist and Ryder acted by Blake Jenner. You’ll also meet the new leader of The Dalton Academy Warblers, Hunter, as acted by Nolan Gerard Funk.

If you were thinking that the “Dynamic Duets” episode was going to be the super hero episode, don’t panic. You are right. Hey, we can celebrate a dastardly love triangle while also paying homage to super hero culture. We are skilled like that.

Guess what else you can look forward to! In December an episode of Glee will be directed by the one and only Adam Shankman.

Agron has also appeared on Punk’d and The Glee Project as herself.