Grey's Anatomy ABC

Things are about to get intense over on Grey’s Anatomy now that the plane-crash lawsuit is picking up steam. You remember the plane crash right? The one that killed two main characters, caused Arizona to lose a leg and injured Derek’s hand? Well, if you don’t remember that monumental event, this clearly isn’t a show you pay close attention to. And with the legal troubles ahead, it might be time we meet some new characters that will become entangled in this mess. The first to be cast– assuming there will be others – is Nip/Tuck’s Roma Maffia. And you’ll want to get used to seeing her face; she might be around for a while.

According to TV Guide, Maffia has been tapped for the multi-episode arc of Roberta, a member of Seattle Grace’s board. She’ll be making her first appearance in the Nov. 29 episode when it becomes clear the board will need to be brought in to the lawsuit when things start to really blow up. I’m certain their involvement has much to do with the crash victims’ legal team deciding they should go after the hospital and Owen for their settlement deal. It’s nasty business and great drama. But just because that’s the course of action that’s currently being taken does not mean it will be the inevitable outcome. Chandra Wilson spoke up saying “Where [the lawsuit’s] going to take all of the participants, and who’s going to ultimately end up with the blame for the accident? I think that’s going to also come in as a surprise.”

Maffia’s time on Grey’s may not be limited to the lawsuit storyline. Her character has the potential of becoming a recurring presence. That could be an interesting person to have pop in from time to time just to give us updates on the hospital from a business stand point. It would be a nice break from the monotony of relationships and medical anguish.