Hawaii Five-0 CBS

Whether or not you’re familiar with Hawaii Five-0 – or even Masi Oka by himself – you have to admit Dr. Max Bergman is an adorable character. He is this way because of Oka’s simply astounding likability, something he carries with him in every role he takes on. Heroes fans can attest to this phenomenon. And along with his lovable personality, we’re usually introduced to some equally disarming love interest for Oka to swoon over. Hawaii Five-0 will be no different, but this won’t be the kind of love that blossoms under the best of circumstances. But at least they’ll have something to talk about on their first date.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Rumer Willis – that’s the daughter of Bruce Willis, so watch where you put your hands if you want to keep them, Oka – was given the job of playing Sabrina, the cute young bank teller we’ll get to meet in the upcoming Dec. 3 episode. Sabrina will, quite naturally of course, be interested in going on a date with Max, but that’s when you can expect her bank to become the victim of a botched robbery. How botched? I’m not sure, but I’m guessing a hostage situation is likely to occur. The most obvious outcome of a bank robbery where the perpetrators don’t get away with a hitch is almost always some sort of hostage situation.

Right now, there isn’t any clear word on if this potential romance will become anything more than just that. If the two, Oka and Willis, have believable on-screen chemistry, then I would hope she’d be brought back for a few more episodes this season. She doesn’t need to be a permanent love interest – and really, who is these days? – but I’d hate to only get a single episode with this character if there’s potential for more.

Willis will be joined by C. Thomas Howell and Victoria Secret super model Behati Prinsloo in guest starring roles.