How I Met Your Mother holiday special

For the first time in almost eight years of being on the air, How I Met Your Mother is finally putting together a special hour-long holiday episode! On Dec. 17, we will be blessed to receive the gift of both “The Silence of the Jinx and “The Robin” back-to-back. This isn’t the first time HIMYM had a full hour to itself, but it’s the first time it has happened during the winter holidays. What can we expect from the super-sized episode? At first I had no clue, but then that was before co-creator Craig Thomas went on and on teasing us about what’s coming! He practically gave the it all away.

Thomas took to his Twitter account on Tuesday so let every know about the holiday episode while saying “Some really big crap happens!” Well great. Thank you for being so specific, Thomas. But he didn’t stop there: Thomas later tweeted that the cast “made us behind-the-cameras folks cry more than once while shooting it.” Wonderful, now we know this is going to be a big episode that will leave us all in tears. That can only mean one thing in my mind: Barney and Robin are getting engaged. What’s that? You think that’s a bit much to assume from next to no information?

Let’s talk about what we know. Barney and Robin are getting married at the end of the season and Thomas and Carter Bays have gone on record as saying they will go through with the wedding despite whatever pre-wedding jitters they might go through. So the marriage will happen. But we still have to get there. I don’t think the writers are going to rush such a huge moment. They’re going to give these characters time to build up to the wedding, but that doesn’t mean they’ll do the same for the engagement. Barney and Robin already know they love each other, so why not just go for it?