Kristen Bell Shows Her Face For Gossip Girl Finale

Gossip Girl

Fans of the CW’s Gossip Girl know actress Kristen Bell by the sound of her voice. It is she who narrates each episode as the blogger known as Gossip Girl. But as the show gears up to bid farewell, fans will see Bell in the flesh.

So far the details of her guest appearance are being kept under wraps, but we do know it is happening. TV Line scooped the story, learning that Bell earned some screen time, which should show up in the series finale, hitting the airwaves on Monday, Dec. 17.

The show has good reason to be so secretive. We may know that Bell is the voice of titular gossip, but that doesn’t mean we know her true identity. In the finale episode, which will be called “New York, I Love You XOXOX,” producers promise the alter ego of the gossip girl will be unveiled at long last.

In fact, who says Bell has to play the same person she’s been voicing? This is Gossip Girl. Anything could happen.

Gossip Girl enjoyed a six season run and was nominated for loads of Tenn Choice awards during the journey. You can countdown to the end on Mondays on the CW.

So far this season, Chuck is embroiled in an investigation into his father. Serena is all cozy with Steven, acted by guest star Barry Watson, but you have to ask yourself if it can last. Michelle Trachtenberg’s Georgina has been trying to assist Dan, but he may just be a lost cause. And Blair is working double time at Waldorf Designs.

Bell played a role in Safety Not Guaranteed, which I cannot wait to see. The movie is about a man who posts an ad, seeking someone to to accompany him in time travel. We will also see her in Movie 43 come January 25. The enormous ensemble comedy also stars Halle Berry, Gerard Butler, Elizabeth Banks, Jack McBrayer, Anna Faris, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Knoxville, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Emma Stone, Kate Winslet and more. Bell will also star in Disney’s animated film, Frozen.

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