Liz & Dick Lifetime  lindsay lohan

If you were wondering what it would look like – outside of promotional images of course – what Lindsay Lohan would be like playing iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor, now is your chance. Below we have a very short clip from a scene involving Lohan as Taylor opposite Grant Bowler as Taylor’s husband and co-star Richard Burton. This ought to give you a decent idea of what you can expect from the Lifetime movie, at least in terms of how Lohan and Bowler interact together. As a movie focusing on the couple’s relationship, it’s imperative they work together in a way that is believable, which might not be something you’d expect from Lohan these days.

Despite her legal troubles, Lohan is still an actress and appears okay in this scene. She doesn’t jump off the screen and thrill me all that much, but she’s doing the job and she’s doing it well enough. I mean, she’s no Elizabeth Taylor – and really, who could ever hope to properly capturing Taylor’s presence without actually being her – but I kind of liked the way Lohan and Bowler were interacting. I haven’t seen the movie so I’m not sure of the context of this scene beyond what we’re told – writer Ernest Lehman is offering Taylor a role in his film adaptation of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf. Burton inserts himself into consideration as the co-star, but is told he’s too masculine and he and Taylor don’t look like they could fight with each other. Naturally, they start fighting.

It almost comes across as an act the two are playing in order to score Burton the part, but this couple are famously known for their very public battles, so perhaps that sense of acting is just ­bad acting. I like the idea of them using this fight as an audition of sorts, but I’m not sure if that’s really what’s happening. It’s not like it really matters; I have no plans to ever watch Liz & Dick in its entirety.