The Mentalist Sends Mary Lynn Rajskub to Rehab

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I have a bit of a logical issue with the following news story; not the news itself, but the logic behind the plot The Mentalist will be involved in and the character Mary Lynn Rajskub will be playing. I can’t decide if what I’m feeling is justified or if I’m just being picky. When it comes to entertainment, there’s a certain suspension of disbelief that is required to properly enjoy certain aspects of the medium. But there is a line that can be crossed where suddenly what is being presented to us on screen is so unbelievable that the entirety of the plot can collapse. I believe Rajskub’s character is part of one such line crossing.

According to TVLine, Rajskub is guest starring as a rehab patient whose roommate is murdered. Now, I have no problem with this as is. Let whoever is murdered be murdered. However, this is a police procedural, so the murderers identity must be unknown and needs to be discovered, but the murder took place in a rehab clinic. Are you telling me a rehab clinic, which needs to be keeping an eye on its patients, can’t notice when a killer walks in and murders someone? Nobody saw this happen? Nothing was picked up on any cameras? How is this possible? Yes, I have to suspend some disbelief, but for me this is too much. I can’t believe someone was murdered without anyone noticing it as it happened. Not in a clinic like that. But if you can prove my disbelief wrong, I would love to hear it. Until then, this will appear to be a very silly plot for an episode.

Rajskub’s episode will air in January. She’s best known for her role on 24, as well as credits on Modern Family, Raising Hope, Grey’s Anatomy and co-starring in last season’s short-lived CBS sitcom, How to Be a Gentleman.

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