Modern Family

Actor Billy Dee Williams is Lando Calrissian in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. But how is the former Star Wars star in a game of poker? We will find out in an upcoming episode of Modern Family when Williams stops by for a cool cameo.

I don’t know. Billy Dee looks like he may be packing quite the poker face. Ed O’Neill’s Jay had better know when to hold ‘em. EW reports that the two gents will meet in a holiday themed episode of the ABC comedy when the family visits Palm Springs and Jay and Williams end up sitting down together to play a game of cards. The episode is titled “New Year’s Eve”.

When stars aren’t playing themselves, they get to act in cool cameos as well. Nathan Lane is returning to the set, for example, to reprise his role as Pepper, the pal of Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Mitch and Eric Stonestreet’s Cam. The bunch go golfing together. That ought to be worth a few laughs.

Season four is also a-shine with stars, Shelley Long, Paul Scheer, and Jason Mantzoukas. It airs on Mondays.

In this week’s episode, titled “Mistery Date”, Manny and Luke actually went bar mitzvah hopping at the hotel, thinking it might be a good way to meet women, while Cam and Mitch plan a really big surprise baby gift for Jay and Gloria. But the crux of the episode, and the situation referred to in the title, involved actor Matthew Broderick and quite the misunderstanding with Phil. Broderick winds up believing he’s been invited on a date with the married father.

Don’t forget that Gloria’s family is stopping in for a visit this season. Her mother will be acted by Elizabeth Peña and her sister Sonia will be acted by Stephanie Beatriz of The Closer. Their appearance is in an episode that will be called “Fulgencio”.

Recently Billy Dee Williams has enjoyed guest stints on White Collar, The Cleveland Show, and NCIS, but he’ll always be Lando in our hearts. He also played Harvey Dent before he became Two Face in the original Batman film.