Actor Greg Germann is coming to CBS. The Ally McBeal alum has just earned himself a recurring role on the popular series, NCIS.

Germann is gearing up to play Jerome Craig. The new NCIS character is the deputy director of the unit and serves under Vance. Germann wears a suit well, as we all remember when he was an Ally McBeal lawyer.

Most recently Germann appeared on the Showtime network series House of Lies. We also saw his work on Common Law and Drop Dead Diva.

NCIS boss, Gary Glasberg told TV Line, “I’ve been a big fan of Greg’s going back to Ally McBeal and [the mid-’90s legal drama] Sweet Justice, and he’s a gifted actor with incredible timing and a wonderful sense of humor. Playing the NCIS Deputy Director means carrying a lot of weight on his shoulders. He’s really going to bring the character of Jerome Craig to life.”

Humor is definitely Germann’s strong suit. I hope his new role runs a long while.

Can you believe it? NCIS is in it’s tenth season. You can watch on Tuesday nights on CBS. The next episode, titled “Shell Shock (Part II)”, directed by Tom Wright, airs November 20.

In “Shell Shock (Part I)”, Gibbs finds common ground with a man whose close friend has been murdered. The subject of PTSD was explored.

In Part II you can expect Gibbs to continue work with Captain Wescott in order to catch a terrorist. Abby can’t wait for Thanksgiving and the NCIS family dinner. And Ziva will provide an interesting mystery for Tony when she says her turkey day plans include a visit to the opera.

This month Glasberg promised that Tony and Ziva would open up more to each other. He also spoke of taking Tony to “a real emotional crossroads”. What could that mean? We also learned Tony could get a special love interest soon. Will it be Ziva?