New Girl olivia munn

Actress Olivia Munn has done Magic Mike and The Babymakers and now she’s headed to an upcoming episode of New Girl on Fox.

What role will Munn play on the award winning comedy? I’m glad you asked. EW was following the story when great new photos came out featuring Munn on the set.

On the Dec. 4 OM’s episode will air. She plays a hot new love interest for Jake Johnson’s sensitive type, Nick. Her character is tough, no nonsense, and obviously beautiful. Seeing her, in fact, will make Nick break his rule about never coming out from behind the bar. Munn’s character is a recurring one because her storyline is a multi-episode arc. Rock on!

The photos seem to tell the classic story of boy meets girl. There’s the first meeting where Nick looks amused and perhaps pleasantly surprised. Maybe he’s wearing his customer service hat. Speaking of hats, is that a motorcycle helmet I see on the table? Looks like Munn is a biker. Her candlelit beer turns into a more intimate drink with Nick.

Perhaps on a different day, the Munn character invades Nick’s personal space in a very welcomed sort of way. He’s wearing a different shirt and she’s got her leather jacket on in that photo. Is there an ex-boyfriend involved? Next thing we know, on a different day still, a muscle bound fella with tattoos is threatening Nick as Munn’s character watches on.

New Girl is in its sophomore season now. This season we finally met Jess’s divorced parents! In the Thanksgiving episode, which aired last night, Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner stopped by to pile on the laughs.

So far this season we have seen Parker Posey, Raymond J. Barry and Carla Gugino as guest stars.

In case you missed it, New Girl star Zooey Deschanel was featured on The Rachael Ray Show this week. There she revealed that her favorite holiday film is the hilarious comedy, Elf, and she baked a pecan pie.

New Girl olivia munn

New Girl olivia munn