once upon a time

Once Upon a Time SPOILER ALERT: Dr. Whale isn’t an only child.

Okay, so Dr. Whale in Storybooke is actually Dr. Victor Frankenstein in…well, what do you call a strange black-and-white world, that is not the fairy tale world we’re accustomed to visiting? That’s where Dr. Frankenstein hails from. He’s played by Alias and Heroes alum, David Anders.

But TV Line has scooped the story that the not so good doctor’s brother has just been cast. I’m not sure that’s much of a spoiler, considering, in his back story, we learned he tried to bring his dead brother back to life.

So, if you connect the dots, actor Chad Michael Collins is probably about to bring Frankenstein’s monster to the small screen.

The handsome actor was last seen on ABC’s Last Resort, as show I’ve been really digging, as Redman, a naval officer that Serrat killed when Chaplin didn’t meet his deadline. His other credits include Major Crimes, 2 Broke Girls and Ringer.

Collins’ Once Upon a Time character is called Gerhardt. TV Line revealed him to be an athletic, easy to get a long with, military man, who is optimistic and heroic. No wonder Dr. Whale wanted to resurrect him from the land of the dead.

Collins will appear in Episode 12 of Season 2. The second season just kicked off in September. In addition to the brothers Frankenstein, we have also met Mulan and Sleeping Beauty, some dwarves and Captain Hook.

In the November 25 episode, titled, “Into the Deep”, Cora will plot to take the compass from Emma and Mary Margaret in hopes of learning the whereabouts of the portal to Storybrooke. Cue the dramatic music! If you’re still catching up and find yourself behind this season, don’t forge to try to watch “Child of the Moon” online. It has been one of this season’s most talked about episodes.