Revenge ABC

Conrad Grayson is about to meet his maker on ABC’s Revenge. Details are scarce, but we know he’s getting himself a rival, which I just absolutely love. The thing that’s great about shows like Revenge is the constant piling up of crap that happens to all the characters. Just when you think things couldn’t become any more complicated or difficult, the writers think up a couple more wrenches to toss into the machine to really mess everything up. After being wrongfully arrested at his second wedding to Victoria and getting released on bail, Conrad must have been due a new problem to deal with, so Dylan Walsh was brought in.

Walsh’s most recent credits include CBS’ Unforgettable, but he’s best known for his time on Nip/Tuck. His casting in Revenge will put him in the role of Jason Prosser, according to Entertainment Weekly. The character will be around for multiple episodes and will serve as a rival hedge fund manager to Conrad. He’s just as wealthy as Conrad and twice as stylish, which will no doubt give him a much-needed edge if he hopes to come out on top of this little rivalry. As previously mentioned, further details about the character and his role in the second season of Revenge are scarce, so we’ll just have to rely on good old fashion speculation.

Does anybody have any fun ideas what kind of trouble this Jason fellow could stir up for Conrad? Are we thinking sabotage perhaps? I’m not really one who understands hedge funds, but surely there’s a way the two could battle over their investments, causing certain stocks to plummet just to screw with the other. It’s kind of hard to guess what anyone’s plans are on television these days, especially on Revenge. If you want to stay interesting, you need to keep audiences guessing. Jason’s connection to Conrad could start with hedge funds, but anything else could pop up and suddenly take over their motivations.