Sarah Shahi Will Be Attracted to Firemen in Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire NBC

Love is in the air, though it might be hard to smell it what with all the smoke and ash mixing with it. NBC’s Chicago Fire has gone out into the world and plucked the perfect actress to play a love interest for Lt. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney). Now, when I say perfect, I mean this woman they’ve hired is a serious bombshell with a killer personality to boot. You may have even seen her around, and by her I mean Sarah Shahi. She’s been a part of USA Network’s Fairly Legal for two seasons, but is taking time out of her schedule to play this part.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, filming of Shahi playing Renee is already under way and she will be appearing in multiple episodes. If you were looking for more details on the character, you are out of luck. This Renee woman is kind of an enigma right now, but Shahi is gorgeous. For now I’ll just pretend she’s playing a model that has a thing for firefighters. That’s a pretty shallow character to play, but that’s also not likely to be the role for her. She’ll probably be something inspiring, like a surgeon or an animal rescuer. She should play someone equally as thrilling as a fireman. Heck, let’s just straight up make her a firewoman at another precinct.

Airing Wednesday nights, Chicago Fire is a procedural that takes a look at the lives of the firemen and paramedics of the Chicago Fire Department. It comes from executive producer Dick Wolf and has done well enough in its 10 pm timeslot to prompt NBC to order additional scripts for the show’s first season. I can’t say for sure if that means these scripts will be produced, but it does bode well for the series, at least for now. Here’s a crazy idea: if Chicago Fire lasts long enough, it should do a crossover with Law & Order: SVU. Why? Why not?

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