If you love Fringe and you love Arrow, you will really love the latest casting news for the super heroic freshman CW series. You heard it right here that Arrow is plotting to unleash a super villain on Starling City. He’ll be a heck of a lot like Vertigo from DC Comics. Today we learned who would act the scary new TV bad guy.

Actor Seth Gabel plays Lincoln Lee on the Fox network paranormal series, Fringe. Now the actor will suit up to scare the pants off of all of us.

TV Line reported that Gabel is being called upon to bring to life the “scary and nightmarish” foe for Oliver Queen. Though his big bad role is based on Vertigo from the comics, his name will change. I guess Vertigo isn’t a moniker realistic nor gritty enough for the great atmosphere Arrow has been creating. What WILL be called Vertigo, is the dangerous new drug making its rounds through Starling City’s streets.

Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg are the show’s developers, and Berlanti has worked with Gabel before. this will be a Dirty Sexy Money reunion for the pair, though one is in front of the camera and one is behind it, so to speak.

When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. I thought the series might cast an older gentleman to balance Ollie’s youth. I would have also looked at foreigners during casting, not that anyone can’t fake a decent European bag guy accent. That’s what vocal coaches are for. Instead Arrow‘s casting has gone the creepy youth route. I’m sensing a Sylar vibe. You remember. That was Zachary Qinto murderous nerd on Heroes.

Then again, we’ve yet to catch a glimpse of Gabel’s “not-Vertigo” look. They could go anywhere with the character and that’s pretty exciting.

The November 28 episode of Arrow is called “Muse of Fire” and will feature The Huntress, a.k.a Helena Bertinelli, which is also very, very exciting. It is preceded by “Legacies” tonight, featuring the The Royal Flush Gang. Let’s geek out!