Sons of Anarchy

Now see this, renegades. We have got fresh photographic evidence pertaining to the potboiler that will be the final episodes of Sons of Anarchy, season five. Heavy is the crown when you’re SAMCRO king. Things are no different for Jax and that’s just the way we like it.

Ready to see how this season will end? You’ll get teased at least, thanks to TV Line‘s exclusive photos. What would you do without us?

In one photo, there sits Otto, acted by Kurt Sutter, being grilled once again by the “unhinged” former Marshal, Lee Toric, played by Donal Logue. You and I know that Lee wants vengeance.

Fans have come to expect true grit from the FX drama and all indications point to Sons of Anarchy really delivering on the Tuesday night finale.

As for Jax, in his photo he looks none to pleased as Sheriff Roosevelt returns, showing up at Teller-Morrow no less, to question Jax. Could this little conversation have a thing or two to do with Wendy?

If you’re still catching up on this season, watch a little faster! Jax and Tara are the club’s king and queen now and they now the ugly truth about the death of Jax’s father. Most monumental is the fact that Clay has finally been stripped of his patch. Needless to say, Gemma’s life changes drastically in the wake of all this. Wearing the crown wears on Jax as well, pitting him against new and increasingly dangerous challenges.

The end of season five won’t mean the end of the entire series, which is wonderful. Season six has been ordered and Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter reportedly signed a three-year deal with the FX network. This means seasons seven and eight are likely possibilities.

The upcoming December 4 episode is titled “J’ai Obtenu Cette”. Ooo la la!

Sons of Anarchy