What is a little bit Terminator and a little bit Looper? The answer is Continuum, the Canadian science fiction series exploring time travel with a feisty female lead. If those descriptors sound like a safe bet for a hit to you, then you know what the execs over at the Syfy network are thinking. We want it!

Continuum is executive produced by Simon Barry (The Art of War), Jeff King (White Collar, The Black Donnellys), Tom Rowe, Pat Williams and Reunion Pictures. Barry is pulling triple duty. He’s series creator and writer also.

Syfy has picked up the hour-long, action, Time Cop reminiscent drama and THR reports, has selected a release date. We will get to sample the science fiction goodness on Monday, January 14th at 8 p.m. in the U.S.

Monday’s line up on the network is looking tasty. Being Human follows at 9 with Lost Girl behind it at 10.

Actress Rachel Nichols known for her role as Scarlett in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and as Ashley Seaver on Criminal Minds, leads the series. As a Protector in the year 2077 named Kiera Cameron, Nichols is a law enforcement officer forced to chase terrorists escaping execution by traveling back to 2012. She is pulled along for the ride and then trapped in 2012.

The writers have a lot to play with here. 2077 is kind of a dystopian nightmare where big corporations rule and big brother is always watching. This all makes me wonder if the so-called terrorists are actually all that bad. Still, once Kiera is trapped in the past with them, they have a little time war. At one point, to neutralize her, they go after her grandmother so that she’ll never have been born.

If you don’t have the Syfy channel, worry not. Universal Studios Home Entertainment will handle DVD distribution and has plans to do a DVD release for the series sometime after Syfy airs the season finale.