The Following just might be the next big thing. Adding some major hotties to the cast isn’t hurting things, either. There’s always room for Mike Colter and Warren Kole, if you ask me.

Hey, there were already some very beautiful people on the cast list. Justified actress Natalie Zea simply smolders on the screen and Maggie Grace, soon to be seen by millions of Twi-hards in Breaking Dawn part two, is just beautiful. Oops, I failed to mention that she’s Liam Neeson’s daughter in Taken 2.

The latest news is that Mike Colter and Warren Kole have been added to the series. Colter was last spotted on Ringer, also known as the short-lived CW series starring Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Sarah Michelle Gellar. The TV Line exclusive revealed that he’ll be playing a high-ranking FBI official by the name of Nick Donovan. I’m thinking he’ll be one of Bacon’s superiors. He had a good chemistry with Gellar on the set of Ringer. Of course, because she was playing a pair of twins, like four other male actors were also developing chemistry with the star.

As for actor Warren Kole, you might just know him as Detective Wes Mitchell from USA’s series, Common Law. You have probably guessed by now that if Kevin Bacon is the good guy, then James Purefoy is our devious killer. TV Line also detailed that Kole will play one the serial killer’s disciples. Villainy hasn’t looks this good since Christian Bale’s knife wielding in American Psycho. Apparently Kole’s will be a key role. It isn’t just anyone who can be trusted as the lead gopher for a mastermind. He’ll be tricky and sinister.