The Killing is the type of series that sneaks up on you and then refuses to let go. Still, the executives at the AMC network decided not to renew after season two. The latest news is, with some help from Netflix, the show just may hang on. The fat lady hasn’t sung.

When The Killing was ended, the news struck this fan as odd, considering just how positive the critical acclaim has been for two seasons now. Let’s face it, with TV pilots being cancelled before they even air, winners are rare and you have to fight to keep them running.

I chalked the decision up to a staff of writers possibly being unable to continue a storyline involving one central murder, which was finally solved in season two. Most shows look toward longevity, but that isn’t to say those series with a clear beginning and end are any less brilliant. The show is called The Killing, not “The Killings”, or “The Detective”, which might have been a better title considering how wonderful a character Mireille Enos’s Sarah Linden has been to watch. In this case, it looks like I might have been wrong, though. The writers aren’t the problem.

According to Deadline, the show’s producer, Fox TV Studios, has been fighting valiantly to keep The Killing around for a third season. With AMC no longer a viable home for the crime drama, the studio went to work looking for a new venue. Netflix became the forerunner as the best new choice.

Somehow, while Fox wrestled with Netflix to come to an agreement, the AMC network had its interest piqued again. The show’s executive producer, Veena Sud made a really great pitch for season three, and now it looks like a deal might be struck between both AMC and Netflix as partners. Nothing is set in stone yet.

Though this sort of deal seems somewhat unusual, my fingers are crossed. Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, the terrific cops of show, are under contract already for Season 3, which should make negotiations easier. If all runs smoothly, we can expect season 3 to begin filming in February.

If AMC backed out and Netflix were to run The Killing on instant download, I’d still be happy.

Keeping The Killing should be positive for AMC, which will lose Breaking Bad and may only keep Mad Men for two more seasons. The Killing is inspired by a Danish series and I was excited to hear that another Danish series reboot, Those Who Kill, is also coming to AMC.