Chloë Sevigny

The A&E network is gearing up for the release of Those to Kill and now actress Chloë Sevigny has signed on to help lead the cast. So far, there’s nothing not to like about this upcoming American series.

Those to Kill will be based upon the Danish crime series of the same name. Well, in Danish, it’s called Den som dræber. Don’t forget that adapting a Danish series has worked for A&E already. Their hit, The Killing, ran for two critically applauded seasons in the States and was based on Denmark’s series, Forbrydelsen, which translates more closely to “the crime”.

The Danish Those to Kill show was inspired by the crime novels of Danish author, Elsebeth Egholm. There are at least ten books, so let’s hope our upcoming version of Those to Kill lasts more than just two seasons.

The series tells the story of two people, one a police detective, and the other a forensic profiler, both of whom have an uncanny understanding of the serial killers they chase after. I like this dynamic. I’m hoping for a relationship that’s more Mulder and Scully or reminiscent of the two detectives in The Killing, and less like Rizzoli & Isles, not that they aren’t a fun pair.

Fans will recall that The Killing used gloomy Seattle to recreate the atmosphere of chilly Denmark. In a way, the location became a character in A&E’s The Killing, and a fine character at that. This time around our crimes will be set in Boston, which I think should become just as interesting a “character” in our new crime story.

According to Deadline, Chloë Sevigny has won the role of Catherine Jensen, who has just started her new job as a Detective in the Boston Police Department’s Homicide Division. She’s a tough character, unswerving, diligent, smart, and dedicated.

There’s no word yet on who is being considered for the other lead role of the forensic profiler. At this time I can’t even say if it’ll be acted by a man or a woman.

Joe Carnahan will direct the pilot of Those Who Kill. The script came from heavy-hitter, Mr. Glen Morgan. Morgan seems to be solo on this gig thus far, but is best known as part of a writing team along with partner James Wong. Together they’ve written for The X-Files, Space: Above and Beyond, the Final Destination series, Willard, and more.