The Walking Dead AMC When the Dead Come Knocking

The Walking Dead ended it’s latest episode by finally forcing the two different storylines – Rick and his group at the prison and Andrea and Michonne in Woodbury – to acknowledge each other, promising us a much faster paced and thrilling end to the first half of the third season. Now’s the time to take a look at what AMC has to tide us over until the next episode, “When the Dead Come Knocking,” airs this coming Sunday. We have a general promo as well as sneak peeks at two scenes. You can check out all three down below, but be sure to come back up and hear my thoughts.

The promo is the stuff you would normally expect from The Walking Dead. We’re shown a myriad of scenes, often cut quickly in between. We see both Glenn and Maggie have been taken prisoner by Merle and the Governor, with Merle trying to learn the location of the prison under the guise of looking for his brother. Why are they interested in finding the prison? Considering they’re willing to take captives, I’m guessing they won’t want to welcome them into the fold of Woodbury. Michonne may have been on the outside of the prison fence the last time we saw her, but it’s plain to see she will eventually be let in to talk to Rick and tell him about Woodbury and Andrea. Oh, speaking of Andrea, it looks like her tryst with the Governor will continue. Gross.

Our two clips show just enough to give you a bit of excitement. The first picks up right where “Hounded” left off, with Rick staring down Michonne as she hangs out amongst the zombies on the other side of the fence. Her delicious human scent is getting stronger by the second and the zombies attack her, forcing her to pick up her sword and do some killing. Unfortunately, she’s still dealing with that gunshot wound and ends up stumbling. End of Clip. The next scene takes us back to Woodbury, where Glenn appears to have suffered quite the beating at the hands of Merle, but Glenn still isn’t talking. He tells Merle Rick is coming, but Merle isn’t afraid of Rick. You get the sense Glenn doesn’t yet know about Woodbury as he tells Merle he is outnumbered. Glenn must think Merle is either on his own or only has a small group with him. Boy, Glenn you are so wrong.