The Big Bang Theory

Given Sheldon’s general lack of anything close to resembling appropriate social skills, I’m not at all surprised to learn he will be sat down by the head of human resources at the university he’s employed at for a talk regarding his attractive assistant Alex (Margo Harshman). And, once again, given Sheldon’s lack of social skills, I hardly think Sheldon has gotten himself in trouble for sexually harassing someone in a position ripe for such a thing. I mean, with Margo Harshman as your assistant, how could you not at least think about taking that out for a test ride. But Sheldon isn’t built for that, so this meeting is about something else.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Regina King was cast in the role of Mrs. Davis, the director of employee relations. She questions Sheldon after he has an uncomfortable conversation with Alex. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion Sheldon was innocently explaining something in his no-nonsense, logical way and Alex simply misinterpreted what he was saying as a sexual advancement? It’s certainly a likely scenario. Better yet, why not have it be completely non-sexual, yet still a misunderstanding of some kind. Maybe Sheldon accidentally threatens her, or he simply berates her for doing something incorrectly. Actually, that last one now seems to me to be the most likely situation of all. It’s so Sheldon. I just hope King’s character goes easy on him. It’s not like he’s about to change who he fundamentally is.

King will make her appearance in a January episode, which should make for a great way to kick off the New Year. Her casting is a bit of a reunion with star Johnny Galecki and showrunner Steve Molaro, who all went on a USO tour last spring. She can be seen starring as Det. Lydia Adams on TNT’s Southland, about to start its fifth season Feb. 13.