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It’s rather startling to see actual physical proof – though, it is still technically digital – of Community Season 4’s existent, but here it is. After months of waiting and frightful news of departing Chevy Chases, we have a new look at the fourth season premiere and I have to say it looks rather terrifying, but not in a good way. While I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact this will be the show’s final season, I’ve been fairly optimistic about the direction new showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio would take this oddball sitcom. But looking at these new images, my faith evaporated.

Community has done some pretty strange things in its time, but as a diehard fan I can say it’s never looked as ridiculous as the majority of these photos do. Unless this is some kind of extended fantasy sequence, we’ll need to brace ourselves for a weird scene involving Jeff looking a little worse for a wear and the Dean in his usual drag backed up by what I can only assume are two men dressed as unicorns. Manicorns. Without any context to this scene, I shouldn’t make too harsh a judgment, but it’s hard not to.

Looking a little more on par with creator Dan Harmon’s vision of the series, the last image shows Abed dodging what appears to be security lasers. Will the premiere, titled “History 101,” feature another heist of some kind? Unlikely. The episode itself will be a tribute to The Hunger Games. When the student records are lost, Dean Pelton stages an elaborate competition to determine who will be enrolled in a class, The History of Ice Cream. Hopefully the weird manicorn images are a part of the competition. That would at least explain why it’s so weird – if the Dean has the chance to put Jeff through this then he definitely should – but it’s still a little too weird, even by Community’s standards.

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