Dexter Won’t Be Running in these Season 7 Finale Clips

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Dexter’s penultimate season is coming to an end this coming Sunday and things are headed toward untouched territory. Here’s where we are: Dexter gave his now ex-girlfriend Hannah up to Deb, sending her to jail for murder, Deb has been gunning for Hannah for a while, despite the fact she’s well aware her brother also moonlights as a killer, and LaGuerta is convinced Dexter is the real Bay Harbor Butcher and was even close to catching him in the act in the last episode. The pieces are in place, but we still can’t tell what kind of picture they’re supposed to form. Perhaps these two clips from the Season 7 finale will enlighten us.

They really don’t. What we have here are two scenes really just reiterating what we already know or could have figured out for ourselves. The first shows Dexter having one of his always-useful conversations with the perpetually imaginary Harry. As per usual, Harry just spouts out words in such a way to annoy even the most diehard Dexter fans, telling Dex he should take Deb and Harrison and run! Good plan Harry, except Dexter doesn’t want to run. That fake life you had him create has become real for him and Dexter can see another option available to him. What’s that option? Not a clue, the video ends before we can find out. But I’m guessing it involves LaGuerta and a ton of plastic wrap.

The second clip shows Hannah being led into a courtroom when Deb stops her to have a little chat. Hannah, for whatever reason, loves every moment of this. She’s egging Deb on, pointing out rather haphazardly she isn’t going to tell anyone about Dexter’s secret murder hobby because she just loves knowing Deb has to live with that same knowledge. She calls Deb a hypocrite for gunning so hard for her, yet ignoring what Dex has done. It’s a fair point, but Hannah is forgetting Deb is in love with Dex. People do some pretty messed up stuff for love.

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