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Doctor Who Teaser: Who is Clara?

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After months of speculation, Doctor Who fans can rest easy having finally come to understand how it was possible the new companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, could have appeared in “Asylum of the Daleks” long before her proper introduction in this year’s Christmas special, “The Snowmen.” As it turns out, Clara and Oswyn are somehow the same person! And she’s died twice already! We may have figured out the connection between the two characters, but now Clara Oswyn Oswald has become a whole new mystery, one that – from the looks of the teaser for the new 2013 episodes – will drive the Doctor going forward.

You can see the new teaser below, which is absolutely full of classic Doctor Who moments – look at all those great new aliens we’ll be running in to! And that one shot of him attempting to fly a plane while shouting “I can’t fly a plane!” is one I cannot way to see in context. But the one thing the trailer is bursting with is footage of Coleman as the next Clara the Doctor will run in to. We were given a brief glimpse of a present day Clara at the conclusion of the Christmas special – very much alive – that will join the Doctor at some point.

I kind of like the idea of the new companion being part of the mystery of the season. It gives her a bit more weight and allows her to become a figure almost as big as the Doctor himself. But on the flipside, it could also be a move with the potential of making her too complicated a character to fully appreciate. My hope is whatever the answer to her multiple appearances is, it doesn’t take over her character. Clara is fun and I’d hate for her to be overshadowed by a complicated storyline. Let’s just let her be a great companion with a touch of mystery, nothing more.

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  1. Austinuity

    February 7, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    How about the TARDIS? Think about it. She randomly kisses the doctor, which is something that the TARDIS (sexy) would have done. Also, her name is an anagram for window across all. The TARDIS is a window across all of time and space. We already know that the TARDIS can become in human form. The fact that she is a TARDIS could explain why she is in multiple points in time. Clara has the characteristics of a perfect companion, and it has been said in the episode with the house hat the tardis was the only one perfect for the doctor ever.

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