Modern Family

Effie Trinket actress Elizabeth Banks will return to the set of Modern Family. Say what? You don’t know who Effie is? Get yourself a Hunger Games DVD post haste!

On Modern Family Banks plays Sal, the wild, adventurous pal of Mitch and Cam. I mean, you don’t know anything about a party girl until you’ve experienced Sal. What insanity will she have up her sleeve this time? Well, EW reports that Sal is getting married! She’ll be appearing in a 2013 episode to break the news to her buds.

Sal’s introduction on Modern Family came during season one in the episode titled “Great Expectations”. Incidentally, actor Edward Norton also guest starred in this episode.

Banks will film her new season four episode next week. You don’t have to wait till then for your dose of Modern Family. On December 12 the laugh continue with an episode called “Diamond in the Rough”. You can expect some fuss over Manny and Luke’s little league team, while Gloria tries ways at bonding with her unborn child.

For Banks’ recurring role on 30 Rock as Avery Jessup she was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series. Rock on!

Hey! Modern Family belongs to that club, too. In 2012 the comedy received 14 Emmy Award nominations.

The actress is almost unrecognizable when she dawns Effie Trinket’s outrageous fashions. Before we see her in 2013 for the sequel, Catching Fire, her work in Movie 43 will debut. The actress has already appeared in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, People Like Us, and Pitch Perfect.

Modern Family was co-created by screenwriter Christopher Lloyd; the same Christopher Lloyd who worked on Frasier, but not the same Christopher Lloyd who acted in Back to the Future. I always wondered about that! You may have noticed that this season Haley is kind of scarce. Well, that’s because her character is in college.