With the holiday season upon us, virtually every series is bringing out their tributes to the various holidays, including Family Guy. And in typical Family Guy fashion, it’s found it prefers to offend people as much as possible by tackling the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, as told from Peter’s imagination. Now, I’m all for equal opportunity comedy – really, nobody should be made an exception of – just not when it comes to religious topics. I’ve always found religion to be deeply personal and to make light of something like that… it just seems cruel. But there’s no stopping  Family Guy when it wants to do what it wants, so here we have “Jesus, Mary and Joseph” with a guest appearance by Ryan Reynolds.

You catch a glimpse of Reynolds in the video below, courtesy of TVLine, where he will be voicing the Son of God. No, not Jesus, but another son that came before. In Peter’s version of the Christmas story, the doctor delivering Mary’s baby recollects an earlier woman who was pregnant with the Son of God, but she drank while he was still in the womb and he came out “a real lemon.” Cut to: this other guy with Reynolds’ voice turning wine into poop. Yes, he turns basically everything into poop. That’s his only miracle.

The episode is airing this Sunday and I have zero plans to tune in for it. I’ve never been a big fan of Family Guy, simply because I think they take their jokes too far or they rely too much on offbeat, random humor. I’m all for taking well-meaning shots at people, but Family Guy is just plain mean, at least from my point of view. Too bad nobody would ever listen to me; I’m just one man and Family Guy is much too popular to be taken off the air for it’s inappropriate sense of humor. Oh well.