girls season 2 hbo

Whether you love it or hate it, HBO’s comedy called Girls definitely inspires opinionated reactions. The fuss will start all over again next month when the series returns with its second season beginning on January 13th. Will you be watching? Perhaps the new promo artwork will inspire you. Check it out! It looks like Girls star Lena Dunham is baring it all.

It isn’t really surprising that promo pieces would spotlight Dunham. The young star is also the creator, lead writer and director of the attention grabbing series. The tagline reads: “Almost getting it kind of together.”

The season two premier is titled “It’s About Time. We can only guess what that means will be in store for us. The new season will see Donald Glover, Patrick Wilson, and Colin Quinn in new roles. Shiri Appleby will appear as a love interest for Adam, and Rita Wilson will play Marnie’s mother.

So, if you’re a real Girls addict, here’s what else I can tell you about the coming season Adam’s heart may be broken and it matches his broken leg, but Hannah has a new boyfriend. Zosia Mamet’s Shoshanna sees the dark side in the aftermath of losing it to Ray. You can imagine plenty of problems will ensue. Elijah, acted by Andrew Rannells, has questions…again…about himself and his identity.

Donald Glover will play Sandy and he’ll loathe Hannah’s writing. Ouch! Jessa’s back from her Honeymoon, but as far as her attitude and mood, it hasn’t ended yet. How nice for her. HBO also revealed Elijah would be holding onto “an explosive secret” that gets revealed only after Hannah “parties hard” with her roommate.

Dunham was nominated for 4 Emmy Awards for her work on Girls. She has been in the news over a court battle that ensued after the website known as Gawker published her 66-page book proposal, which Random House picked up back in October.