Grey's Anatomy

Party of Five and Scream star Neve Campbell has been paged to Seattle Grace Hospital. Get ready to see the actress in a whole new light when you preview her first ever appearance on Grey’s Anatomy. And it’s okay to page her, because she’s wearing scrubs.

In the video preview we see just how lovely Neve looks, even when her face is obscured by a surgeon’s mask. Neve will play Liz, one of Derek’s sisters for two drama packed episodes. You can see her for yourself on today’s video, and then on the Thursday episode of Grey’s on ABC. In this episode things start looking up for McDreamy and his damaged hand…I think.

To say “Lizzy’s” arrival is tense is an understatement. There are relationship issues at play and yet we hear she could be the one and only solution to Derek’s injury. And get this! How did Liz’s arrival happen in the first place? Well, Meredith sets things in motion when she asks lowly intern Heather, acted by Tina Majorino, to contact Derek’s family about possibly donating nerves to fix his hand. Would you do it?

The episode featuring Derek’s sister, (one of four lady Shepherds!), is called “Love Turns You Upside Down”. Yeesh. What else can you expect to see? Cristina drums up some competition between Stephanie and Leah, while Alex and Jo fight to save a baby’s life. April also mentors Shane.

Campbell’s recent work includes The Simpsons, Singularity, Scream 4 and Titanic: Blood and Steel.