Love him or hate him, pop sensation Justin Bieber may be regularly coming to a TV set near you. ABC wants to put Selena Gomez’s ex into his own sitcom. You may have heard news like this before, but the project is moving forward once again.

The single-camera comedy was initiated by ABC last year, but new news from TV Guide suggests we could see the Bieber show as early as next season.

Bieber would serve as executive producer along with his manager, Scooter Braun. Matt Wolpert would also be an executive producer on the as of yet untitled sitcom. Ben Nedivi has been named as a script writer, but he has help from Wolpert, too. The family-oriented comedy show reveals Bieber’s rags to riches background, based upon his real life story before he hit the big time. Viewers will see what life was like during Bieber’s “awkward” youth, as well as meet his “unorthodox family”. This could be interesting, folks. I’ve got further proof.

Wolpert and Nedivi worked together on Entourage! I’d say they have some major experience. But will it be set in Canada?

Bieber has been on the television waves before. He enjoyed that stint on CSI, he has hosted Punk’d and starred in the special called Justin Bieber: All Around the World.

Bieber is also making headlines because his name was among the “30 Under 30″ list, which Forbes compiles of young people making waves in 15 categories such as education, energy, music, healthcare, sports, technology games, apps and marketing.

Joining Bieber on that list were Bruno Mars, Ashley and May Kate Olsen, fashion designer Alexander Wang, Adele, American entrepreneur Kevin Systrom, 28-year-old Leslie Dewan, who is chief science officer of Transatomic Power, Swift, the 29-year-old creative director of Airtight Games, and Kate McKinnon, Saturday Night Live actress.

Sadly, the Bieber was also the target of a strange murder plot that thankfully was never fulfilled. The New Mexico inmate, an ex-con and his nephew are currently under investigation regarding that plot.